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Doctors of the Game - A History of the Golf Profession

The Trade Edition - Doctors of the Game

Published in September 2016 the book was officially released at The Golf Collectors' Society Annual Meeting & Trade Show. Doctors of the Game is the most definitive history of the golf profession ever written. It begins with the earliest known words on the game, then traces the sport's development through six centuries. The tome is written in three sections known as books: Book One runs from the earliest foundations though 1890; Book Two highlights both Scottish and American developments in the game from 1890 through 1915: Book Three traces the American game through five 20-year generations documenting the contributions of the golf profession through the challenges of racial and sex discrimination, war, depression, and recessions.

The reception for the 696-page tome has been excellent. Numerous reviews cite the remarkable depth of the research and the high quality of its design and production. It has been honored as a finalist in the USGA's prestigious Herbert Warren Wind Book Award for 2016. John Sabino, golf author and founder of the Valuable Book Group wrote, "Easily the most finely crafted and best golf book of the year."

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